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The purchase price depends on the child's age, if there is a lump sum payment involved, or if there are monthly installments. The Guaranteed Education Tuition program and DreamAhead College Investment Plan are qualified tuition programs sponsored and distributed by the State of Washington. The Committee on Advanced Tuition Payment and College Savings administers and the Washington Student Achievement Council supports the plans.

If adopted at scale, such technologies would prove a powerful deterrent. We’ve outlined nine strategies that can be enacted across different segments of society, from the front lines of credential evaluation offices to the court systems to statehouses. Together, these actors have the ability to mitigate the impact of diploma mills. In or about 2006, Consumer-1 was interested in participating in an online high school diploma program at night because Consumer-1 worked during the day.

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Using tools like Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate, Adobe Connect, or other conferencing software, teachers and students interact together no matter where they are located. “This is clearly an unprecedented time, and for universities, this may force online learning to become the new normal. Multiple studies suggest that most students are already confident that technology-enabled learning works, but this has probably been a difficult transition for some faculty members. I am hoping that universities and faculty members will embrace the challenge and adapt,” K.


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